Local Refugee Communities

“In Winooski, Many See Refugee Resettlement As Economic Advantage”

Written by Nina Keck

June 13, 2016

This article uses Winooski as an example of a successful settlement site to which Rutland can compare too. They highlight the success of two specific refugees and how the refugee community has helped the city grow.


“Twenty-Five Years and 6,300 People Later: A Vermont Refugee Report”

Written by Kevin J. Kelley

January 15, 2014

This article looks at the refugee resettlement program in Vermont as a whole, including issues of backlash and discrimination as well as success stories of various refugees. It also discusses some of the barriers for refugees integrating into their new communities, and some of the ways local organizations are assisting them.


“New Vermonters: Chandra and Phul”

Written by Jessica Ticktin

This article explores the lives of two Bhutanese refugees in Chittenden County and their experience throughout their resettlement. It gives context to the conflict in Bhutan that has forced so many refugees out of their home, and also gives perspective to some of the challenges refugees face in building a new life for themselves.


“New Vermonters: Noor Hassan and Fardowsa Yusef”

Written by Jessica Ticktin

This articles looks at the lives of two Somali refugees in Chittenden County, and their experience from refugee camps in Kenya and throughout their resettlement. It focuses on the language barrier as a major challenge for refugees integrating into their new community, as well as the importance of facilitating strong social ties with other members of the community.


“Vermont Bhutanese Graduate From Being Renters to Homeowners –– and Landlords”

Written by Ken Picard

March 13, 2013

This article tells the story of Bhutanese refugees coming to Vermont, and working their way up to become homeowners and landlords. It discusses their transition from a refugee camp in Nepal to their initial arrival in Burlington, and some of the hardships they faced during the adjustment period.


“Exiles on North Street”

Written by Ken Picard

December 10, 2008

Tells the story of several newly arrived Iraqi refugees and their frustrations with VRRP and the

settlement process as a whole. They had once held high paying jobs and nice homes in Iraq, and express their discontent and disappointment of what life in Vermont has been for them compared to their expectations.


“Out of Africa…. And Into Vermont”

Written by Kevin J. Kelley

April 4, 2007

This article discusses the resettlement process for African refugees arriving in Vermont, including some of the reasons Vermont is attractive for new Americans, such as the public education system and general social acceptance.

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