Indicator Surveys

The goal of these surveys is to form a means of analyzing the expectations refugees may have at the beginning of the resettlement process compared to what the actual experience of resettlement has been for them.There are two parts of the indicator surveys:

  • First is a survey based on what the individual was hoping for or expecting of their resettlement experience
  • Second is a survey using the same questions, except this time focused on the actual experiences and outcomes of resettlement rather than their aspirations

With the assistance of the Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV) in recruiting participants and providing interpreters, these surveys are to be conducted with roughly 100 members of the local refugee community, primarily with those who have settled within the past year or two. Each survey is divided into the six categories of 1) transportation, 2) housing, 3) healthcare, 4) employment, 5) education and 6) civic integration, with five questions relating to each category. You can preview the survey questions below:

Aspirations Survey







Civic Integration

What is your preferred mode of travel (car, bus, walk, bicycle)?

How much do you expect to pay in rent?

How often would you like to see a doctor?

Do you wish to work?

Are you hoping to enroll in school?

Would you like to participate in a community organization?

How far away from a bus stop would you ideally live?

How many bedrooms would you want in your household?

What do you currently see as your biggest medical concern/need?

What field would you like to work in?

Do you have any previous education?

Do you hope to be able to vote in the future?

Would you like to get a driver’s license?

Do you wish to live with other families?

What would be your preferred medical provider (e.g. community health center, hospital, clinic, primary care provider)?

What hourly wage are you hoping to get?

What kind of education or training would you like to receive?

Would like to become an American citizen?

Would you be interested in purchasing a car?

Would you like to own your own home?

How would you rate the quality of your initial experience with the US medical system?

Are you hoping to have one job or multiple jobs?

Are you interested in taking English language classes?

Do you plan to participate in any local governments (boards, committees)?

How much of your weekly income would you be willing to spend on transportation?

What condition would you like your home to be in?

Are you interested in seeking any assistance related to mental health?

Would you be willing to work overnight or late shifts?

What level of education are you hoping for (high school, college, graduate, professional)?

Do you plan to attend any public meetings?

Outcomes Survey







Civic Integration

What was the most common form of transportation you used?

How much did you pay in rent?

How often were you able to see a doctor last year?

Did you work last year?

Did you enroll in school this past year?

Did you participate in any community organizations over the past year? (If yes, which one?)

How far away from a bus stop did you live?

How many bedrooms did your house have?

Were your concerns/needs addressed or treated?

What occupation did you work in?

If you had any previous education was it recognized? (If not, please explain)

Have you learned anything about your rights to vote?

Did you get a driver’s license?

Did you live with any other families? (If yes, how many?)

Where did you receive the bulk of your medical care?

What was your hourly wage?

Did you receive any kind of education or training and if so, what was it in?

Did you take any citizenship classes?

Did you purchase a car?

Did you purchase a house?

How would you rate the quality of your experience with the US medical system over the past year?

Did you have more than one job?

Did you take English language classes?

Did you attend any local government meetings?

On average how much did you spend on transportation per week?

What was the condition of the house?

Did you receive any assistance over the past year in dealing with mental health issues?

Did you work overnight or late shifts?

What level of education did you receive?

Did you attend any public meetings?

Impact on Refugees

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