Beginning in summer 2018, the project will recruit participants with the aid of AALV and CEDO for a series of participatory mapping workshops to explore the sense of place and perception of change due to resettlement within two of the primary refugee neighborhoods in Vermont: the Old North End of Burlington and the neighboring town of Winooski. Two workshops will be held, one with recent refugees (arrived within the past ten years) and one with longtime residents (who have lived in these neighborhoods for at least ten years). The one-hour workshops will begin with a presentation of the broader goals of the project by the research team. Each participant will receive a map of their respective neighborhoods, and will be asked to take photos in response to four general categories issued by the facilitators:

  1. Things they want to see stay the same

  2. Things they want to see change

  3. Things that represent community

  4. Things that represent the US/Vermont

After each participant has completed their photographing, we will host focus groups where we analyze and discuss the results with the participants as a group.

Impact on Host Communities

Mapping Local Resettlement

Vermonter Poll