This site reports on a 4-year study on refugee resettlement in small and mid-size cities across the US. Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Award#1359895), our project seeks to answer three questions:

1) Why are refugees being placed increasingly in small to mid-size cities (rather than the traditional gateway cities) in the US? What are their patterns of settlement?
2) What are the impacts on refugees of being placed in these locations? What are their outcomes when it comes to jobs, education, housing, transportation, healthcare, and civic engagement?
3) What are the impacts of refugees on these new host communities?

Mawuhi African Market, North St

Looking down North St with a mural on the side of the Mawuhi African Market in Burlington’s Old North End. The mural is of an akwaaba, a symbol of welcome in Ghana and West African culture.

Through a series of different qualitative methods — interviews with key stakeholders, surveys with refugees on their aspirations and their outcomes, workshops and focus groups with new and older residents alike, and a variety of mapping exercises — we seek to answer these questions to hopefully strengthen and improve refugee resettlement across the country.